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Connecting rod Kit

The motorcycle engines operate in hot conditions, high compression and high revolution rates, that demand reliable products. Thus, we introduce you to the NPC® Connecting Rod Kit that includes connecting rod, bearing and pin.

Connecting Rod: the NPC® connecting rods for motorcycle are manufactured with a steel alloy and have components that provide special resistance properties. NPC® improve its connecting rods with thermal treatments that improve its properties, ensuring a long operating life.

Bearing: The bearings are pieces that require high precision and highly controlled manufacturing processes, to comply with the requirements of modern vehicles. To offer a better product, NPC® offers its Connecting Rod Kits for all 4T motorcycles models, with KUZ bearings. The difference between the conventional bearing and the KUZ bearing lies in its construction. The cage of this type of bearing is more rigid than those of the conventional bearings. The cage of a KUZ bearing has flat outer surface and is bigger, which helps reduce the tension by centrifugal force. This type of bearing is especially suitable for motors that operate at a very high speed or under high load conditions. But NPC® offer the KUZ bearings for the entire range of connecting rods for 4T motorcycles, for engines from 90C.C.

Pin. Is the part that connects the bearing with the crankshaft. It must be very strong and resistant. The NPC® Bearings are manufactured with steel with high carbon content and they are heat treated to harden them. Its manufacturing process delivers a solid and reliable piece, the perfect complement for the NPC® Connecting Rods Kit for motorcycles, making it the best choice to repair your engine.

Install NPC® Connecting Rods and enjoy the performance of your motorcycle.

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